Passive Low Frequency Products

RFID Canada offers a broad range of RFID and NFC transponders, readers, antennas and printers with various applications. As Canada’s leading hardware solution supplier, we continuously strive to improve and enhance our product portfolio in order to quickly respond to new trends to provide customers with most appropriate products in the RFID and NFC industry.

Low Frequency (LF) Transponders / Tags, Readers and Antennas

Passive Low-Frequency RFID has been utilized in several industries for many years. The most common frequencies used are 125 and 134.2 kHz. The key feature of LF RFID is it ideal for identifying metal items such as vehicles, equipment, tools, and metal containers. The read range can vary depending on the size of the transponders and the reader being used. Transponders come in various form factors, from glass transponders to wedges and disks of various sizes. These different form factors allow for the transponder to be embedded into most materials, except metal.