Passive High Frequency Products

RFID Canada offers a broad range of RFID and NFC transponders, readers, antennas, and printers with various applications. As Canada’s leading hardware and transponder solution supplier, we continuously strive to improve and enhance our product portfolio to quickly respond to new trends that provide customers with the most appropriate products in the RFID and NFC industry.

High Frequency ( HF ) Transponders/Tags, Inlays, Readers, Antennas and Printers

Passive High Frequency (HF) operates at 13.56MHz and is a globally accepted frequency. This means that any system operating at HF can be used globally. The length of the antenna is based on the length of the signal wave thus the higher the frequency the shorter the wavelength. For this reason, there is the flexibility that an antenna for a HF tag is small enough that it can be produced by printing it onto a substrate, using conductive ink and then affixing the chip. HF supports the following standards, ISO 14443, 15693, 18000-3.